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Macau's Very First toy Library


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Passion led us here

  • Become our Member

    • Visit our store or register online and become our member
    • Visit our store and select 2 toys home and play for 2 weeks, parents can also select the toys on website and contact us for delivery service
    • Toy quantity depends on the toy size and toy credits of the items selected.
    • Return the toys to us and we will sanitize
    • Membership can enjoy additional discount when purchasing our toys

  • 成為我們的會員

    • - 可到店或上網登記先成為我們的會員
    • 可以攜帶小朋友到店選2件玩具回家玩2個星期, 家長也可於網站選好玩具後與店員安排送貨
    • 歸還後我們進行消毒
    • 玩具件數視乎所選擇的玩具大小及代金而訂
    • 會員尊享購買玩具折扣優惠

  • Why Toy Library

    • A sharing economy- Environmental friendly
    • Exposure to many more toys
    • Choose toys that are target for specific development needs
    • Get access to toys that you won't buy
    • Saving space at home- If your child doesn't like the toy, simply return it without waste
    • Trail a toy that you are thinking of buying
  • 為甚麼選擇玩具圖書館?

    • 資源共享
    • 支持環保
    • 接觸更多玩具/教具
    • 選擇合適的玩具配合不同的發展需要
    • 小朋友可以把你不打算購買的玩具帶回家玩
    • 節省存放玩具的空間
    • 如果小朋友對玩具沒有興趣,你只需要把他歸還,減少浪費- 投資大型玩具時可以先試後買

Maggie Kam


Play n Learn - my favorite toy shop and the first toy shop that offers toy library. It’s the solution for cost, space at home, being Eco-friendly and keep kids entertained with new toy all the times. I would recommend to all mothers.

Play n Learn - 我最喜歡的玩具店,也是第一家提供玩具租借的店舖。 玩具租借不但減少家長們的開支、節省家里空間,更是環保同時可以不斷給孩子新玩具的解決方案。我向母親推薦。 

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Going to the Macau Play ‘n Learn library is something both my baby and myself really look forward to every other week! On top of being wooden and eco-friendly, Play ‘n Learn toys also touches on many areas of development. I really like how most of them are STEAM and Montessori aligned. Being able to borrow these toys has really helped save a buck and alleviate our impact on the environment, without depriving my child the joy and enrichment of playing with a different assortment of toys. However, the best part of discovering Play ‘n Learn for me is meeting a community of like-minded mommies who share the same goals and values when it comes to raising children. I genuinely support and love everything Play ‘n Learn stands for!

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Membership Plan收費計劃

Spend only $100/month, there are more than 400 selections of toys from age 9m to 5+.

只需要每月大概$100, 小朋友就可以選擇多於400件玩具

適合年齡: 9M - 5+

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How we Sanitize 我們如何消毒?